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Increasing performance solutions

a universe of innovative solutions essential for an aware management of your business

The whole process in 5 steps

Huko technology and processes work through progressive stages


Data monitoring and registration through exclusive Huko devices and systems.


Collection and organisation of data from different sources through Huko Hub Big Data.


Data analysis by means of evolved analytics, modelling and artificial intelligence tools.


Data display in a simple and immediate manner, thanks to customisable dashboards, alerts and management systems.


Transformation of da ta into real knowledge and ability to predict the evolution of the behaviour of visitors, shoppers and clients.

Research & Technology

With seven (7) departments specialised in various areas, highly qualified personnel recognised on an international level, and management of five (5) researchers at the top European universities, the Research & Development centre is the pulsing heart of HUKO. In addition to research applied to solutions the company offers, the Huko Research & Development team performs basic research: their objective is to create new tools and new value for the company’s customers, supporting all types of business, and giving life to a new concept in the retail environment: Human-Centric & Human-Friendly.


HUKO solutions are used by many world-leading companies in the Retail Chain in a wide variety of industries, from Luxury to Telecommunications, from Automotive to Retail Banking, as well as Malls, Outlets, Destination Centres and Hotels.
HUKO protects the privacy of the shoppers detected within the monitored environments, as well as that of its customers.
Contact us to discover which world-leading groups have already chosen Huko solutions.

Discover the leaders who have chosen HUKO

Global Value

HUKO offers the widest range of devices, solutions and analytical platforms available on the world market for companies working locally or globally. Efficiency and quality, thanks to the HUB data centres, direct branch offices, and partners in the main strategic areas around the world. HUKO is a reliable partner you can count on for addressing new market challenges, in any industry. To reach out to its customers, HUKO has direct branch offices in the main strategic areas: Europe, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Bangkok. HUKO is also proud of its exclusive partnerships with the top distributors and industry operators in its main strategic areas. Contact us! We welcome you requests for information, comments and recommendations.

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